Contract work

  • Industrial construction and machine foundations
  • Repair construction
  • New building
  • Turnkey contract

Contracts of service

  • Construction work contracts
  • Contracts of the property maintenance

Own production

  • Housing construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Industrial construction

Professional skill, activity and attitude

Rakennus Miilukangas Oy

Rakennus Miilukangas Oy has been founded 1997 but we have started construction already in 1967 when Miilukangas Oy was founded. Our values include the professionalism which means in our operation attitude, professional skill and activity. Our staff includes 50 people who are local professionals. Our building activity includes the operation field of the construction widely. Industrial construction, public and commercial buildings, repair construction, turnkey contracts, contracts of service and own production belong to our area of operation. Our operation area is mainly Raahe region and surrounding area.


Markku Niskala
+358 10 5856 458

Jarno Lackström
+358 10 5856 418